Health: Supplements (Mineral, Vitamin, Herbal, Etc.)

[Work In Progress; this playlist is best viewed from within YouTube itself (for ease of navigation); remember to review the other great videos from the content-providers included in this list]

Q: Why Do I Often Add Four To Ten Videos For Each Supplement? Isn’t That A Bit Much?

A: Firstly, the multiple sources sometimes have slightly differing views (e.g. on dosage, best means of intake, benefit emphasis, etc.); I want to provide as holistic a resource as reasonably possible, to serve as a better springboard for you to dive into your own research. Secondly, repetition of the information, especially when there are slight differences in the delivery, focus, etc., increases information absorption, internalisation/retention, and utilisation. Admittedly, too much info can be counter-productive; so if you are convinced that you have received all that you need on a particular supplement, skip the remaining videos concerning it, and move on to the next type. I strongly recommend (1) clicking to start the video playlist and then (2) clicking the word YouTube (bottom right section of the video) to view the playlist on YouTube itself; this will give you more control, allowing you to more easily skip certain videos, go back to the ones you wish to review, etc.

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