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Pharisaism: MacArthur on Theological Orthodoxy (Right Doctrine) and Pharisaism

MacArthur on Theological Orthodoxy (Right Doctrine) and Pharisaism “The Pharisees were in no sense guilty of an undue emphasis on theological orthodoxy. If anything, their problem was the opposite. They weren’t careful enough in seeking to understand the Scriptures. In fact, they set Scripture aside in favor of their own rote traditions. Tradition, not theology,…

John Owens On The Love Of Christ

John Owens On The Love Of Christ “How many millions of sins in every one of the elect, every one of which is enough to condemn them all, hath this love overcome! What mountains of unbelief doth it remove! Look upon the conduct of any one saint, consider the frame of his heart, see the…

Sermon: Pastor Jesse Gistand: “Help Us Holy Spirit”

“The Apostolic Work of the Spirit of God” “Help Us Holy Spirit” Pastor Jesse Gistand / Sunday Sermon Facebook Link: * Sermon Outline Download Link: * Sermon (Alternative Video) Livestream Link: * GBC-Hayward Contact Information: Email: Website: