On Baptism

The One Baptism

An Examination into the Spiritual Nature of the One Baptism
The Obsolete Nature of Water Baptism

Introduction to Purpose

This page is designed to link together in an easier format, with easier access, many of the key arguments that men have understood over the centuries to prove that water baptism is obsolete in our day. Amongst true Christians, nothing has been more divisive and has led to more contention and strife, than this doctrine. It is my ardent belief that there is no biblical warrant for it in our day because the Antitype, Christ Himself (and His finished work), has obviated the need for it. The goal is to show, in various parts, the irrefutable evidence for spiritual baptism being the one baptism; that it has replaced the water ordinance; that water baptism is not a confession of our faith; that it is not an answer for, or demand of, a good conscience; that it is not the means by which one joins, or becomes a “member of” the “local church;” it doesn’t scripturally serve to “prove our willingness to be obedient to God or our willingness to follow Him unto death;” it isn’t a means or mechanism by which God bestows or imparts “added grace” unto us; and it doesn’t do or support many of the other such claims that people make in our day to defend or support this now obsolete ordinance. Most often, it is simply not a reminder, or pointer, to true spiritual baptism — instead, it more often than not serves as a distraction and detraction from it — the proof of this lies in how little people know about, and expound upon (in a cohesive manner), true spiritual baptism.

Moreover, this endeavor is also designed to be a defense against the hasty and warrantless charge of heresy. Though I judge no one’s salvation for insisting in engaging in this ordinance of water, many; even within circles that claim to uphold free and sovereign grace, have even gone so far as to say that those who refuse water baptism are unsaved heretics. Too many times, either the implication or the outright accusation has gone out that if one is not sprinkled, poured upon, or immersed with the physical water of this water ordinance, one is either clearly unsaved, or else their salvation should be seriously questioned. This is such a weighty accusation, such a thorough slander, that (though desiring to be as careful as possible concerning the matter) I thoroughly look forward to refuting these charges and traditions — as God enables.

Relevant Links:

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  9. William Mason [1719-1791] On The End of Water Baptism [from the supralapsarian.com website; my back-up copy, to prevent loss of such documentation, can be found here: william-mason.]
  10. Spiritual Baptism: Henry Pinnell on Baptism from http://www.supralapsarian.com/Henry_Pinnell.html

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