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“Laura,” she told me matter-of-factly when I asked why we had bonded so quickly, “The Finnish don’t believe in talking bull[stuff].”

What she neglected to tell me, however, is that Finns think if there’s no important topic to discuss, there’s no conversation at all. In fact, one of their national sayings is ‘Silence is gold, talking is silver’.

Click BBC – Travel – How the Finnish survive without small talk for the rest of the article.

Helsinkis single line underground train at a station

BNTE66 Helsinkis single line underground train at a station

Intelligent Discourse: Integrity: Honest, Objective, and Sincere Dialogue

Most anyone can be made to look foolish: By restating their position(s) in an incorrect, out of context, or otherwise misleading manner and then proceeding to knock-down such  straw-men; or by… Interrupting them before they have an opportunity to finish their thought/sentence/argument, and then proceeding to refute that incomplete statement as if it represented the…

Personality Types: Enneagram: The >Negatives< of the Type Four and Type Five Personalities (Two Videos)

Man… as a 4w5 / 5w4 dual-personality type, these two videos were really hard to hear at times. He does exaggerate at times, and I definitely disagree with him at times (especially on certain social/religious/political points), but honesty dictates that he is incredibly spot on in his overall assessment of the core types (though I…