Category: Cognitive Inhibitors

  • Symptoms
      1. Chronic Fatigue
      2. Easily Stressed and Irritated
      3. Unusual Degree of Procrastination & Low Motivation
      4. Issues With Sleep
      5. Feeling Numb and Detached


  • Remedies
    • Interrupt Your Pattern
      • Take A Vacation
    • Say “NO” [Politely] More
      • e.g. Do Your Job, not everyone elses.
    • Refocus On What Truly Matters

Cognition: Echo Chambers Amplify Confirmation Bias

Cognition: Echo Chambers Amplify Confirmation Bias ECHO CHAMBER Per Wikipedia, “[An echo chamber is] a metaphorical description of a situation in which beliefs are amplified or reinforced by communication and repetition inside of a closed system. By visiting an “echo chamber”, people are able to seek out information which reinforces their existing views, potentially as…