This blog is designed to promote:

  1. (The) Word – referring to both God the Word incarnate, The Lord Jesus Christ, and to the infallible written word of God, the Bible, that reveals Him. The two are vitally yoked, for we cannot rightly know The Word without the word declaring Him and we cannot rightly understand the word without The Word working that understanding in us, by the Holy Spirit, in accordance with the foreordained will of God the Father in teaching us and revealing to us Christ Jesus our Lord.
  2. (Right) Worship – which is the spiritual, God-wrought reverence, fear, submission, praise, and adoration that God first works in us, and that we therefore manifest before Him in light of His absolute worthiness to receive all glory, praise, and honour. True worship, because it flows from the Lord and stems not from man, is unfeigned; it is in the spirit, with knowledge; and it is motivated by divine love. True worship must always be regulated by the word of God; we must not introduce ‘strange fire,’ we must not mix the pagan notions and practices of this world with the worship of the True and Living God.
  3. (Spiritual) Wrestling – which is the ever-present struggle within a Christian between the divine nature (the new man) and the carnal nature (the old man, sin in the flesh). This battle between them, between these two egos or “I’s”, is fought primarily in the mind and the battle between them is primarily for the mind (that is, for control over it and the thoughts and intents therein). Whichever ego controls the mind at any given moment is the one that has the dominion, the rule, the victory; the body goes in the direction of the prevailing mindset. This is why the Christian must labour, by the grace and mercy of God, to bring every thought into captivity and to mortify the sinful deeds of the flesh. As God ordains and enables, we are to fill our minds with the word, pray to God for grace and strength, and strive to make right choices in life in light of God’s revealed will (not to earn salvation, or to establish a sanctified state, but out of a true thanksgiving for the loving-kindness God has shown towards us individually and towards all of the elect collectively).
  4. (Spiritual) Warfare – that extension of the internal wrestlings and strugglings against sin within into said resistance against the sin found in the world without. It refers to our spiritual battle against the anti-Christian forces, doctrines, and paradigms associated with this wicked world. It is indeed a spiritual war, one not fought with carnal weapons, but with the whole armour of God and with that spiritual sword called Holy Scripture.
  5. (Faithful) Witnessing – which is fulfilling the God-ordained evangelical role of declaring to mankind who God is, who His Christ is, what His Christ is, and what great works of foreordination, creation, and salvation God has accomplished unto His glory. The Christian is to faithfully proclaim the Gospel, the glad tidings, of the Lord Jesus Christ — His blessed person, His perfect work, and the righteousness that He has established for all of His people — even a righteousness that guarantees all aspects of their salvation throughout eternity. Primarily, it is the declaration of fallen man’s wretched state by nature, our great sin and sin debt, our natural inability to do anything of ourselves to rid ourselves of this debt, the punishment due our sin (which is an eternity in Hell); and the deliverance that the Lord Jesus Christ has wrought for His people by emptying Himself of his glory for a season, becoming flesh, dwelling amongst men, suffering their abuses, keeping the law of God perfectly on behalf of His people (even without sin, without the slightest spot or blemish), enduring the full wrath of God due all of their sin, dying on their behalf on the cross; rising again (with their life hid in Him), and sitting down at the right-hand of the Father having accomplished all that was necessary for the salvation of the elect unto God’s highest glory.

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