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Words: The Truth About ‘Disinterested’ and ‘Uninterested’ | Merriam-Webster

“According to our citation files, disinterested is most commonly used to mean “not biased; free from selfish motives,” while uninterested is commonly used to mean “not interested.” Yet when these words entered the language, uninterested meant “not biased; free from selfish motives” and disinterested meant “not interested.”” Click: The Truth About ‘Disinterested’ and ‘Uninterested’ |…

Quick Tip: How to Write Faster and More Consistently:

  • Enter flow state
  • Write in sprints (writing without editing)


A great sentence makes you want to chew it over slowly in your mouth the first time you read it. A great sentence compels you to rehearse it again in your mind’s ear, and then again later on. A sentence must have a certain distinction of style – the words come in an order that couldn’t have been assembled by any other writer.

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Reclaiming Words (Objects): Men And Women Are Objects

Reclaiming Words (Objects): Men And Women Are Objects We are “material things that can be seen and touched.” We are material things that can be appreciated for our respective skills, minds, beauty, ability, care, manifested virtues, contribution to society, aid to others, etc. We are “things external to the thinking mind or subject” of others,…