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Fitness: Anti-Soycialism: How to Save Your Own Life: The Art of Manliness: YouTube

My Note: I’m no where near this level of fitness (20 pull-ups? 1/2 a mile swim… not even close). Nonetheless, mobility, strength, and endurance is key to a healthy life into one’s senior years… may as well push towards the mark now. Read the full article here:

Fitness: Posture (HPSE): Fix the Weakest Link Muscle Causing Your Forward Head Posture (Poor Posture): Dr Alan Mandell, DC: YouTube

“Here is a simple and very effective stretch exercise you can do anytime. This will help reverse kyphosis, hunching, and rounded shoulders. You will notice over time that your muscles and joints will become more flexible in the back region. Your posture and breathing will also improve…”