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“Larry Elder, host of “The Larry Elder Show,” joins Candace Owens for a discussion on race relations, the little-known history of the Democratic Party, why the Black community plays the victim card, and much more. Don’t miss this powerful episode!” My Note: This is an excellent interview; black people in America need to flee both…

So many people of colour are trapped in that swampy, festering plantation called the Democrat Party. I left from my youth but vast numbers are stuck therein for life. A family member recently told me that he believes that most Black people lean conservative (on many issues) but that he has to vote Democrat due to ‘racist Republican policies.’ Hopefully, one day he will see this video, and others like it, videos that evidence that historically, the Republican Party has been the truer friend to Black people than the Democrat party ever would/could be. Despite the often touted “party flip,” Paleo-Conservatism (most closely associated with Non-Establishment Republicans and Constitutional libertarians) continue to be the best hope for both people of colour, and for America, as a whole.

Note also that the Republican Party does not promise more welfare, special programs, socialism, political correctness, and pro-hedonistic, anti-Christian legislation, but it does work (especially under this impressive President, and under Reaganesque Paleo-Conservatism, as opposed to the NeoCon nonsense of the Bush family) to foster an environment that increases jobs (and economic growth) for all, domestic security for all, and international security on a world-wide scale. When the President asked, “What Do You Have To Lose?”, the answer should have been (both in hindsight and even now) “Nothing! We have absolutely nothing to lose.” Why? Because the Democrats offer nothing beyond temporal bribes/hand-outs… and crumbs! They do just enough to ensure the black vote for another generation. If you doubt this, look at the top fifty cities (population wise), with the highest poverty and crime rates, and see how many of them have been majority Democrat-led for decades. We don’t need this for America, we do not need this nationally. What we need is a Red Tsunami this November 6th; so please encourage everyone you know who is registered to vote, to actually vote, and to vote Red. Help drain this swamp as quickly as possible (draining it of Democrats, and draining it of Establishment Republicans, who are often just as bad — if not worse).