Supplements: Copper: Zinc: Nutrient Dense Foods and the Copper-Zinc Connection: Kayla Grossmann

“A glistening ring of oysters plucked from the ocean, a slice of liver atop a bed of tender onions, a savory beef stir fry tossed with butter, a heap of sprouted pumpkin seeds enjoyed from the palm of your hand: what do these foods have in common? Not only are they wonderfully, perhaps even flawlessly, delicious- but they are also beautifully balanced in the trace minerals zinc and copper. In an era where our foods are far too often factory manipulated, and low-fat, low-calorie dieting praised as the pathway to “health,” many people are not receiving the proper amounts of these vital nutrients. Discover how a zinc-copper mineral imbalance may be effecting your day to day activity, and what you can do about it….”

Click Nutrient Dense Foods and the Copper-Zinc Connection for the rest of the article.

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