Sunburn: Apple Cider Vinegar: Turn Your Sunburn Into A Tan

“I was skeptical but desperate, so I dug out the ACV and plugged my nose. I combined a cup of cold water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the bathroom sink, and then dunked a facecloth in until it was soaked. Then, removing the excess water, I placed the (very cold) cloth against my sunburn. Instead of rubbing or patting dry, I let my skin dry naturally. Then I did it all again.Once my skin was totally dry, I coated myself in organic coconut oil and went to bed. When I woke up, the redness was gone and my skin was bronzed and soft. While I can’t say if it would help a serious sunburn, it certainly helped my mild burn heal enough for me to head to the beach again on Sunday. And that has never happened before — ever! I’m usually pink for a few days after I get turn that shade of “oops.””

Source: Turn Your Sunburn Into A Beautiful Bronze Glow Overnight ::

My Note: It may not work for everyone, it may not be overnight, and it may depend upon the severity of the burn, but ACV, followed by an Aloe+Coconut Oil combo, may prove beneficial for you as it did for me. I find Aloe useful when it comes to minimizing peeling, especially with the coconut oil. As always, not a blanket endorsement of the site, other articles on it, etc. (haven’t reviewed beyond this one).

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