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“In this video, Dr. Berg talks about what you can do to stop a cold at its first sign. If you are being exposed to viruses or bacteria, it has to do with your own internal resistance or the susceptibility to the virus or bacteria. If your immune system is strong and if you have this health reserve, you could not be susceptible to viruses.

  • Less stress
  • Quality of sleep – could increase the resistance against an infection. “
  • Zinc and Vitamin C: Don’t take vitamin c as a supplement. Take a food-based vitamin c but it is better to take actual lemon.
  • Lemon: The actual lemon and not lemon juice because lemon juice is pasteurized and vitamin c is sensitive to heat and oxygen.
  • Garlic Benefits: 1. Antibacterial 2. Antifungal
  • Intermittent Fasting – the body could go into the repair mode and starts to increase its resistance to stress.
  • ACV: When you acidify the body with apple cider vinegar, you speed up phagocytes, which helps clean up the bacteria of the body. It could also speed up the white blood cell action.
  • No sugar, alcohol or milk products.

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“In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the relationship between Potassium and Stomach Acid. Not having enough potassium could have difficulty making hydrochloric acid. He also talks about how Potassium is critical in the stomach’s abililty to make acid (HCL). 4,700mg / day of Potassium is needed for a healthy person….[up to 6,000mg for those with insulin resistance, rheumatoid Arthritis, high stress levels, etc.]”

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