Traditional Masculinity & Femininity: America, what are you doing to your men and women? | Two YouTube Videos

Video One:

“Toxic masculinity” … Being a man has never been as politically incorrect! Men are being conditioned by media and through politics to be something neither male or female and our boys and men are suffering because of this.

Video Two:

I follow up on my comment to Gilette’s toxic masculinity ad with a reaction to the so-called “first shave” commercial. Transgender people should not be used by a big company just to sell more stuff and it is not cool that Gillette tries to normalize a serious medical and mental condition.

My Note: Not a blanket endorsement (haven’t seen other videos from him), know nothing about his  take on Vikings and Norse life, but found it interesting to hear his views (seeing that he is someone from outside of our nation, looking into our culture, and seeing it’s ongoing and rapidly increasing demise).

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