Health: Supplements: Stinging Nettle Root: Powerful Anti-inflammatory: Dr. Berg: YouTube

Dr. Berg talks about the carotenoid, the antioxidant (phytonutrient) on steroids. Its a special fat soluble plant based chemical which is anti-cancer, immune supportive, pre-vitamin A, retina and brain supportive and it helps the brain and nervous system too. It’s in the following (best to add fat to the non-fat sources to increase absorption):

  1. Leafy greens (like spinach)
  2. Carrot
  3. Tomato
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Kale
  6. Pepper
  7. Grass fed dairy and butter
  8. Egg yolk
  9. Krill
  10. Fish
  11. Algae

There are 750 different types of carotenoids and you should consume them on a regular basis. They are:

  1. Has anti-cancer properties.
  2. It is a powerful antioxidant.
  3. Neuro-protective of the brain and entire nervous system
  4. It’s a pre-Vitamin A’s (good for eyes, immune system, and skin). They are good for the retina and help filter 90% of the harmful blue light hitting our eyes.

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