Diet: Paleo/Keto Diet: Cognitive Improvement: “How Obesity May Harm Memory And Learning” | Science News

Obesity can affect brainpower, and a study in mice may help explain how…” Click How obesity may harm memory and learning | Science News for the rest of the article…

But note, it isn’t a high fat diet that causes obesity. It is a moderate to high fat diet in the presence of moderate to high carbs! If you keep the carbs low [e.g. with a “Low and Slow Carb” diet; the Paleo diet; the Carnivore diet; the Keto diet; the Raw Foods (and other strict Vegan/Vegetarian diets); etc.], the fat is less of a problem. Insulin inhibits fat burning; the more sugar/carbs, the more insulin. Nonetheless, the study should motivate us all the more to drop the excess pounds for all of the health-benefits associated with a healthier lifestyle. Remember also, plenty of good sleep is a major factor in both healthy weight loss and healthy cognitive functionality. May we all eat well, sleep well, and thank God for it (many in this world do not have the options that we, as Americans/Brits have).

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