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Diet: Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent Fasting: Is Not Starving, Its Longevity: Dr. Berg: YouTube

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the difference between intermittent fasting and starvation. When you starve, you already tapped out your fat reserves, you are running your muscle protein and organ protein which causes death or has a side effects. But with fasting, you are tapping out the glycogen reserve (stored sugar) and your…

“There are four types of fasting that you can rotate through and get different kinds of benefits, depending on what you’re after. We’re gonna talk about types of fasting that boost metabolic benefits and body composition. We’re gonna talk about another kind of fasting that you can rotate in and out of that’s gonna help you with cellular rejuvenation and overall recycling cells. Then we’re gonna talk about another kind of fasting that’s specifically good for the gut. And then, lastly, we’re gonna talk about another kind of fasting that is very extreme, known as dry fasting…”

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  • Recommendations
    • Intermittent Fasting:16/8, 18/6 -three/four times per week.
      • Accelerates fat loss.
      • Increases muscle mass.
      • Decreased level of fasting insulin and triglycerides.
    • Prolonged (OMAD / OM48) Fasting
      • Fasting for 24/48 hours one or twice a month
      • Autophagy increases
      • Stem cell production increase due to the killing off of old white blood cells, forcing the creation of new ones. Also helps to turn off PKA which inhibits stem cell growth.
    • Liquid (Bone Broth) ‘Fast’
      • Not a true fast metabolically speaking.
      • Once every week ortwo.
      • High in gelatin / glycine / collagen / glutathione / when using bone broth — great for leaky gut and inflammation
      • Good for balancing healthy gut bacteria and overall GI health.
    • Dry Fasting
      • One day (only) every three to six months… if that.
      • Increases fat loss
      • Reduces inflammation
      • Equivalent to three days of OMAD fasting (think =’s OM72)
      • No food or water intake at all — nothing for an entire day.
      • Do not even touch water/liquids (goal is to deprive all cells of any hydration)
      • Forces body to obtain hydration by killing burning off fat for hydration, to combine with oxygen, to obtain water — short term only — doesn’t work long term.. obviously.
      • Dry fasting kills of old cells, which leads to the creation of newer, healthier ones.


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