Diet: Intermittent Fasting & Keto: How This Clinical Nutritionist Changes Lives with Hunger: Mike Mutzel on Health Theory: YouTube

  • Mike describes his specific fasting protocols and why he uses them: [1:04]
  • Mike talks about his reaction to finding he had elevated alpha fetoprotein: [6:28]
  • Mike explains how getting arrested for drugs was the best thing that happened to him: [10:57]
  • Mike and Tom discuss how to apply the lessons from physical fitness to mental fitness: [13:25]
  • Mike discusses how different methods of fasting or ketones use promotes mental clarity: [15:50]
  • Mike explains how fasting affects stress responses: [18:37]
  • Mike and Tom discuss the pros and cons of a ketogenic diet: [21:40]
  • Mike shares his goals for his diet, and why he doesn’t always use the same diet: [26:38]
  • Mike looks at the benefits of microbiome diversity relative to genetics and environment: [28:33]
  • Mike talks about the carnivore diet: [32:27]
  • Mike and Tom discuss diet and longevity: [38:25]
  • Tom asks Mike if there’s any cutting edge health theories he is interested in: [39:53]
  • Mike explains cellular switches that guide autophagy: [42:18]
  • Mike advocates eliminating processed food and eating at the same time each day: [44:04]
  • Mike talks about food, relationships, social settings, and sleep: [45:50]
  • Mike describes the limits of fasting: [48:17]
  • What one change can people make to benefit their health? [51:00]

My Notes: Two caveats: (1) Some language from the host (if children are around) and (2) I’m not into the few spiritualism aspects discussed in the beginning; I believe prayer (to the true and living God), bible reading, and biblical meditation can be far more impacting when it comes to long-term changes, than trying to be ‘one with the universe, etc.’ However, I still believe that the overall gist of this interview is incredibly beneficial from a scientific and overall health-improvement point of view. There is a lot of very interesting, detailed information on things like: alpha fetoprotein, the wide benefits of ketones/being in ketosis, parasympathetic tone & heart rate variability, the carnivore diet, etc. BTW, contrary to the title, he isn’t supporting starvation, but rather fasting (think ‘starving yourself of unnecessary food or amounts of food’ rather than starving yourself of the food, or amounts of food, that will actually benefit you in both the short and long-term).

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