Health: Kidney: How to Detox and Flush Your Kidneys: Dr. Berg: YouTube

Dr. Berg talks about how to do the kidney detox flush. The kidney filters out a tremendous amount of waste through the body. It filters the blood and recycle a lot of nutrients but gets rid of the waste. Consume these vegetables for 3 – 4 days every two months. If it is a powder, have about 2.5 each in a shake.

Three Different Vegetables to Use: (Juice/Blend or Consume as a Whole Plant/Salad):

  1. Parsley – This is extremely nutrient-dense. It has vitamin C, vitamin A, carotenoids, phytonutrients, diuretic and Apigenin (lower uric acid).
  2. Dandelion Greens – This is good for the liver and kidney. Diuretic and good to lower uric acid.
  3. Celery – Diuretic and good to lower uric acid, blood pressure, lower stress level and good night sleep.

Benefits of this Detox Flush

  1. Flush uric acids and oxalate stones / toxins
  2. Provide tons of phytonutrients – will lower oxidative stress, decrease inflammation and protects the cell against toxic environment.
  3. Increase urine flow
  4. Supply vitamins and minerals

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