Traditional Marriage: Traditional Femininity: “Lesbians Are Getting Divorced At An Alarming Rate…” | NewNowNext

Maybe we’re rushing into marriage because it’s finally available to us. But for queer women, it might be because we’re wired that way. In Lesbian Love Addiction, Lauren D. Costine suggests women find comfort in relationships because once we find a connection, we feel a rush of dopamine and oxytocin. (Literally all the feels.)“Men don’t emit oxytocin in the same way,” Costine told Psych Central. “Therefore, when two women get together the ’oxyfest’ is beyond intoxicating.”The problem, of course, is what happens when that chemical rush wears off.

Click: Lesbians Are Getting Divorced At An Alarming Rate. I Was One Of Them | NewNowNext for the rest of the article.

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