Politics: Immigration: Michelle Malkin Speaks [Powerfully] at CPAC 2019 | YouTube

“Conservative blogger and businesswoman Michelle Malkin speaks at CPAC 2019. “It’s the GOP sellouts, not just the radical open-borders left that is in bed with immigration saboteurs…. Those are the real grifters.”

Note: This was an excellent speech; it should be heard. I strongly favour limited, well-vetted, well-managed legal immigration. I truly enjoy meeting and interacting with people of other lands and welcome them so long as they embrace American values, our American (Constitutional) form of government, and the kind of assimilation that prevents the enclave-mentality embraced by far too many.

Proper assimilation allows you to retain such aspects of culture as food, dress, music, other performing arts, additional insights and perspectives, etc., whilst still allowing you to be productive and patriotic members of American society. It is no coincidence that the cities with the highest rates of illegal immigration are also the most liberal, hedonistic, violent, and socialist-leaning cities in America. The illegal aliens are not responsible for all aspects of these ills, not even close, but they play a part, and they are a symptom of the larger, overall, liberal problem in America. We simply do not need this nation-wide; in fact, we do not need it in America at all.

Finally (and this won’t be popular), there are people that I have met that were here illegally that I wish, and want, to stay because they truly embrace biblical and American ideals (conservative, pro-Constitution, pro-Christianity, etc.). I do not deny favouring them over other illegals; in fact, I think it is prudent to do so from a Christian perspective (just as the strangers in ancient Israel who embraced God were allowed to stay but those who opposed Him were not). I wish there was an easy way to identify and deport all of the (illegal alien) criminals, likely criminals, socialist subversives, etc., whilst allowing the deeply thankful, productive, Pro-American ones to stay. It is what it is, life isn’t always easy or fair, but I hope we can find a highly effective solution to this problem.

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