The Battle: Know Your Enemy: Pineal Gland/All-Seeing Eye/Eye of Horus/Third Eye/Satanic Gateway

The Battle: Know Your Enemy

It’s Right In Our Face… The Question is Whether We Will Dismiss It, Excuse It, Downplay It, Ignore It, or Whether We Will Take Heed and Learn From It [The Industry Is Designed To Harm Us, To Keep Us Weak and Enslaved].

Image One [The Satanic Gateway / All-Seeing Eye / Eye of Horus]

IMAGE TWO [The All-Seeing Eye Symbolism]

IMAGE THREE [Shhhhhhhhh!]

IMAGE FOUR [All-Seeing Eye & 666/Beast Symbolism]

IMAGES FIVE & SIX [Additional…]

IMAGES SEVEN-PLUS [“Gods” and Men]


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