Politics: Traditional Marriage: “Is feminism destroying the institution of marriage?” | Telegraph (U.K.)

“A new survey has shown that women are now initiating 69 per cent of divorces – and they’re increasingly doing it because they claim their husbands don’t pull their weight with housework and childcare. The report claims that these women are heading to the divorce courts because they’ve been “inspired” by second wave feminist thinking that claims “marriage is inherently hostile to women.”

Click Is feminism destroying the institution of marriage? – Telegraph for the rest of the article.

Note: For those preferring a traditional lifestyle, the multifaceted answer to the problem is simple to identify but far harder to implement. It involves the following:

  • Values-planning: A heavy childhood emphasis, from K-12, on justice, uprightness, respect, chivalry; compassion, empathy, chastity; sharing; keeping one’s hands to themselves (respect of persons and an attitude of non-violence except in defense of self and/or others); etc.. The key is to make young men and women fit for committed, peaceful, and joyous lifelong marital relationships.
  • Career-Planning: A heavy childhood emphasis, from K-12, on proper financial management, investment, entrepreneurship, intelligent career-seeking, etc. The aim is to allow men to make enough money so that their wives do not have to work. The goal is to enable wives to work from home, if they so desire, in entrepreneurial and related occupations that allow for flexibility, and that will not interfere with child-rearing.
  • Identifying and marrying those women who still enjoy  (the key word is enjoy) traditional marriage, traditional values, etc., and who are willing to stay at home, raise their children (not sending them off to daycare if they don’t really have to), preferably home-schooling them (when possible), and so on. Those who eschew such roles should be free to do their own thing; never try to make someone into a housewife that isn’t fit, capable, or interested in being one. This may mean marrying someone from abroad; or an American of a different ethnicity, race, or culture than yours; or someone that doesn’t ‘exactly fit’ your (often shallow) ‘physical beauty standards;’ etc. The emphasis should be on compatibility of interests, goals, and values; and not on temporal, superficial, and/or external factors of little real relevance.
  • Abstaining from romantic relationships with any and all who do not match your long term goals (and especially abstaining from sexual relationships with anyone, period, before marriage; especially if your goal is to maximize the likelihood of having a successful one, since cohabitation, and promiscuity, both greatly increase the likelihood of divorce). Men should be taught self-control; abstinence until (and fidelity within) marriage; the importance of leaving no woman worse off than you found her; the importance of being a father and raising your children (as real men do); the importance of being a loving, supportive husband; the importance of being a leader, etc. Never date recreationally; never enter romantic or physical relationships for the mere fun, excitement, or thrill of it; and better yet, never date at all (court instead).

Collectively speaking, so much of the above, and many other key factors, are missing from many of our childhood experiences and life lessons — and society pays the price as a result. The bottom line is that traditional families are statistically much more likely to be safer, more stable, more economically well-off; higher educated; etc. Common and academic sense says that traditional families are clearly optimal; generally speaking, they really are the best.

If people want to put their personal interests, inclinations, desires, etc. above traditional values, and traditional families, that is their choice to make. However, if you go the traditional route, emphasizing heavily the factors listed above, the across-the-spectrum-research is clear — you are far more likely to be healthier, happier, longer-lived, and more fulfilled in life than your non-traditional peers. Do not buy into the modern liberal lies; you are statistically very much likely to pay for it, in the long-run, if you do. There are exceptions to every rule but the happiest couples I’ve ever seen have been traditional, conservative, actively fervent, Protestant Christians (also backed by legitimate statistics), and that does not match what I personally grew up in, or around, for most of my childhood and young adult life. Thankfully, I was exposed to it, saw the benefits of it, and new that such was the way that I needed to go were I ever to have a family. Thankfully, my wife of +20 years concurred.

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