Politics: The Traditional Family: “Feminism has destabilized the American family” NY Post

“It should not be anti-feminist to recognize that men and women do need each other and that, contrary to feminist theories, marriage is a key pillar of stability for both sexes and especially for children. Feminists greeted unwed parenthood and easy divorce as steps on the ladder of liberation. For some it was and is. But the price has been steep. Women are commonly worse off financially after divorce than their ex-husbands. Those who worked before, during or after their marriages experienced a 20 percent decline in income after divorce, compared with men, whose incomes rose by 30 percent.

Forty percent of American children are now born to single mothers. This rate of non-marital births, combined with the nation’s high divorce rate, means that around half of all American children will spend part of their childhood in a single-parent home. Social scientists across the political spectrum agree this family chaos is destructive. In 2017, the poverty rate for woman-headed families with children was 36.5 percent, compared with 22.1 percent for father-only families and 7.5 percent for families headed by a married couple. And abundant data show married adults are happier, healthier and wealthier than singles.

Click Feminism has destabilized the American family for the rest of the article.

Note: Clearly, multiple aspects of first wave feminism have been beneficial to women in America, and to American/Western society as a whole. However, the absolute absurdities coming from the second wave, and especially the third and fourth wave feminists, are so scientifically, statistically, and otherwise demonstrably detrimental to women, children, men, families, relationships, and society as a whole, that it bewilders me (beyond words) that the masses cannot see this.

The only good thing about the antics of these more modern feminists is their willingness to self-label (self-identify) as such, making it easier for sane men to identify them (often along with their excess body modifications, drinking, neon hair colours, foul language, histrionics/hysterics, violent outbursts, etc.), to avoid them, and even to run as quickly away from them as possible, if they were fool enough to get involved with them in the first place (so long as marriage and/or children are not in play; men, never abandon your children to them, never let crazy raise them alone).


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