Identity Politics: Toxic Masculinity Hoax: The Great Hypocrisy: “Who Abuse Women More, Liberal or Conservative Men?”

This is yet another reason I don’t believe in Equality™. And, by the way, no one else does, either. Were it otherwise we’d never tolerate having separate sports tours, leagues, and teams for women, and Eric Holder’s DOJ wouldn’t currently be suing the Pennsylvania State Police for treating the sexes equally. To the point here, critics can lament “you throw like a girl” comments, but what’s implied by this preoccupation with male violence against women, anyway? Why do we have a Violence Against Women Act? After all, men attack other men, too, and studies have shown that women are actually more likely than men to initiate violence in relationships. And as this video demonstrates, why will people become alarmed and intervene when a man is publicly abusing a woman, but smile and giggle when the roles are reversed? Is there not a little whisper here, tacit as can be, saying that women need assistance because they “fight like girls”? As for the ignored male victim, doesn’t the laughter in the video indicate, among other things, a mockery saying that it’s his problem if he’s such “a little sissy”?

Click: Who Abuse Women More, Liberal or Conservative Men? for the rest of the article.

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