Identity Politics: Toxic Masculinity Hoax: End the Hypocrisy: “Women are more violent, says study” | The Independent (U.K.)

Note: Not trying to belabour the point; this is likely the last one of this kind for a while, unless I come across some dynamic report/study. The point is that people (collectively) need to (1) end the hypocrisy and (2) learn to keep their hands to themselves. Outside of self-defense; defense of others; legitimate penal/criminal punishment; and the doctrine of “just war;” no one should be striking anyone else. I truly eschew such violence.

Personally, I’ve never struck a woman (though I’ve been hit once, and only once; early college years; wasn’t paying attention when it happened; and it was squashed quickly). Simply put, I do not respect men who beat, slap, or otherwise ‘man-handle’ their girlfriends, wives, etc. And yet, hear me on this, any woman who believes that she is at liberty to hit her boyfriend or husband is effectively a skank, and if someone does strike back… it’s on her… she needs to deal with it. Remember, smart men walk away from that kind of mess, refusing to entertain the drama, and cutting them off altogether. Even smarter men pick their women more carefully, avoiding the situation in the first place. Smart women act with respect, and are thus respectable, and would never countenance acting like viragos. With that said, consider…

The study, which challenges the long-standing view that women are overwhelmingly the victims of aggression, is based on an analysis of 34,000 men and women by a British academic. Women lash out more frequently than their husbands or boyfriends, concludes John Archer, professor of psychology at the University of Central Lancashire and president of the International Society for Research on Aggression. Male violence remains a more serious phenomenon: men proved more likely than women to injure their partners. Female aggression tends to involve pushing, slapping and hurling objects. Yet men made up nearly 40 per cent of the victims in the cases that he studied – a figure much higher than previously reported.

Click: Women are more violent, says study | The Independent for the rest of the article.

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