Politics: POTUS: DtS: Trump@War (A Film That Explains It All — Watch It!).

Note: If you want to understand why President Trump’s approval rating is at 50% per the mainstream media; why 40% of black people approve of him (per Rasmussen); why 25% of black people strongly approve of him (again, per Rasmussen); why BLEXIT is growing; why his popularity amongst the Latino/Hispanic community is significantly increasing; why the #walkaway movement is spreading; why the economy is booming; why the President is accomplishing so much more, in such a short period of time, compared to his predecessors, and why there is so much momentum towards a November 6th red wave (perhaps even a much needed red tsunami), watch this film…. watch it, then vote to further drain the swamp… do not let the Leftists take power, and undermine/undo all that has been done. Vote for Liberty, Prosperity, and (real) Equality. May God truly help us win this battle.

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