Politics: Liberal Hypocrisy: [MUST WATCH] Look at How Often Prominent Liberals Have *Recently* Advocated For Incivility, Harassment, and Violence


Note: Watch carefully and do your own research… the Liberals are the ones who are repeatedly openly advocating for incivility, “getting in their face,” ‘disturbing their meals, ‘ and otherwise harassing Republicans, Conservatives, Trump supporters, etc. on the street, at airports, in business environments, etc. They point to Trump with the “lock her up” chants (against Clinton and Feinstein), and claim he is the one instigating violence. No, it is not violence, but justice that he is promoting. I trust that, if the Red Tsunami arrives (ushering in the storm), she will literally be openly investigated and arrested not very long after (not out of revenge… but because of their foul activity).

So remember, Conservative: Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians are (in the vast, vast, vast majority of the cases) not the violent ones — the leftists only need look in the mirror to see who and what the real problem is when it comes to such things. Vote for civility, vote for humanity, vote Red on November 6th (or before… with early voting) and send a message to the leftist mob that we do not want their lies, and their madness, anymore. If you are a Democrat, and you too are tired of the antics of the far left, #walkaway, leave the Democrat (swampy) plantation, and vote for continued economic growth, national and international security, energy independence, and for an otherwise effective government (do not let the Dems bog us down with useless impeachment proceedings — the focus should be on the American people and not revenge politics).

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