Health: Weight Loss: Weight Loss Stopped? Don’t Make This Mistake! | Dr. Berg

‘Dr. Berg talks about the mistake you are doing when you are not losing weight. The mistake is giving up and quitting the program when it is actually working despite not losing the weight. The principle to follow must be to not lose weight to get healthy BUT get healthy first before losing weight. Weight loss is just one of many indicators of health. Repair is healing and when the body is in the healing mode, it is rebuilding the cellular walls, the structures and the atrophy(lose of muscle), you may experience a net zero effect of weight loss and the worst thing you can do is to stop something that is actually was working.

Health Indicators:

  • Increase Energy
  • No Cravings
  • Better Skin
  • Less Stress
  • No hunger

Hey guys! So I had a question, are you not losing weight? Listen, don’t make this mistake. I know it’s frustrating, you do a program and then all of a sudden it slows down and is not working. Now, here’s what I find, I’ve been in practice for 30 years and I’ve run into this many many times and I just want you to not make this really big mistake and the mistake is giving up, quitting the program when it actually was working. But because you didn’t lose weight you thought it wasn’t working. It’s because you have something backwards and that’s this one principle “it’s not lose weight to get healthy, it’s get healthy first to lose the weight”. Weight loss is just one of the many indicators of health. Other indicators are increased energy, no cravings, better skin, less stress and no hunger.

Now, when the body heals, it actually repairs. Repairing is healing now I just wanna define this one word before I finish this thought. It’s autophagy, I don’t know if you ever heard of autophagy. It’s basically where the body becomes like a self-cleaning oven and it starts to repair it’s old damaged protein parts and it recycles them to build new tissue. That happens when you do fasting. Now this next thing is very very key, protein is actually heavier than fat per volume. So when your body is in the healing mode and it’s rebuilding the cellular walls and the structures and the atrophy or the loss of muscles that you have, maybe you’re menopausal and you have this atrophy. Well, guess what? you ma experience at certain times a net zero effective weight loss and the worst thing you can do is to stop something that actually was working.

Step back take a look if you have these other health indicators, are the other things improving, well give it time because it is working. So this might actually just sound really really simple but just realize that it does take a good amount of time to repair the body and it repairs with protein and that could be the reason why your is stopped but give it some more time because after the body does heal, you eventually tap out and use the fat that is being stored. When the body is in the healing mode, it doesn’t just go right after the stored fat, it heals first, it repairs first. Alright, thanks for watching!”

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