Diet: Cholesterol (LDL): Insulin Resistance: Bad Cholesterol Can Make You Live Longer: Dr. Berg

“In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how bad cholesterol (LDL) can actually make you live longer. There has been new analysis of earlier studies that found “People with higher levels of LDL live longer and are not at risk of heart disease.” LDL is a lipoprotein or like a shuttle that has a lot of nutrients on it including cholesterol, triglycerides, vitamin E and several other factors. It is involved in energy metabolism bringing fuel to different cells and it also has a secondary purpose which is to help deliver vitamin E to protect the cell as well to act as an antioxidant. LDL is delivering reparative actions but it isn’t the culprit to the main cause of the problem. And the true culprit is the high insulin and insulin resistance. He also talked about a test called Coronary Artery Calcification Scoring Test.”


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