Hyperfocus & Flow: The Same Or Different?

Flow vs. Hyper-Focus…

Articles like this linked one Hyperfocus vs Flow: Know the Difference maintain that the two are distinct states with a sense of (self) control, and with the likelihood of differing end results, being the main distinguishing factors. I prefer the argument that flow and H-F are one and the same -in essence- differing, at times, only in the intent and outcome of its manifestation. Consider energy. When unharnessed, it can be useless, chaotic, or even destructive. Once harnessed however, that same energy (through its heightened manageability) can be put to more positive and effective use. The energy is the same, only the direction, application, and outcome differs. The ability to ‘hyper-focus’ is the energy; how one enters into it, and uses it beneficially, relates to the harnessing of it, hence “the flow.”


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