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We all have them… or should. Often, we do not live up to our own. That’s okay, it means we have much more room to grow/improve. Often however, others do not live up to our own. Sometimes, that really is okay (in very limited circumstances), and sometimes, maybe even most times, it really, really isn’t…

Sermon: Pastor Jesse Gistand: “Help Us Holy Spirit”

“The Apostolic Work of the Spirit of God” “Help Us Holy Spirit” Pastor Jesse Gistand / Sunday Sermon Facebook Link: * Sermon Outline Download Link: https://www.grace-bible.com/sermons/sermon/2019-10-20/the-apostolic-work-of-the-holy-spirit-help-us-holy-spirit-sunday-sermon-outline * Sermon (Alternative Video) Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/gbc/events/8864329/videos/198016581 * GBC-Hayward Contact Information: Email: gbc@grace-bible.com Website: http://www.grace-bible.com

The Weapon Of All Prayer

THE WEAPON OF ALL PRAYER George Burrell Published February 1, 1868 Help, LORD, for the godly man ceaseth, for the faithful fail from among the children of men. Psalm 12:1 What an inestimable privilege is real, in-wrought, grace-inspired prayer to the child of God! I do not mean saying prayers, or merely uttering words of…