We all have them… or should. Often, we do not live up to our own. That’s okay, it means we have much more room to grow/improve. Often however, others do not live up to our own. Sometimes, that really is okay (in very limited circumstances), and sometimes, maybe even most times, it really, really isn’t okay at all — context, as with prudence, is key… as is a decent dose of unmitigated honesty.

Truth is, “standards” can needlessly carry people (with whom you were once close) right out of your life. Yet, “standards” can be a good and needful shield against a world of hurt. “Standards” can turn a dream into a nightmare. Yet, “standards” can also lead you unto bigger and brighter things. “Standards” can leave the needy out in the cold. Yet, “standards” can keep you from ending up out in the cold. Bottom-line? Having standards, in and of itself, is not the problem. How you define, and wield such standards, can be.

Sometimes, once someone is dead, you realise all of this too late; you start second guessing your “standards” (or at least how you acted upon them). Almost (if not…) every time, by that point, it’s too late. Guess we should think about said standards more deeply whilst we still can.

Even if proper standards rightly/justly/biblically dictate a moving on, we can still remember the things in our power to do… namely, we can pray for them. It’s good to remember this one thing: “if, at one point, they were important enough to be a significant part of our life… they should remain important enough to be a significant part of our prayer life” (God enabling). If you are a true, God-made Christian, you may be the only one they’ve ever known. If you do not intercede for them, praying for them, who on earth will? Our intercession (prayers for them), in and of themselves, effect nothing. However, God does say “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” — for such prayers are made perfectly acceptable before The Father by The Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ The Lord. The key is making sure you are truly righteous in/by/through Christ, and by His finished work on the cross alone (and not via any attempts to establish a righteousness of your own). Yet, if you are His, the key is to pray, pray, pray, pray, pray… “without ceasing” even, as much as God puts it on your heart, because you never know when it will be too late to pray for someone. Yes, it’s all in God’s hands, all in His time, and all under His providence… but knowing that He works via means, it’s needful to keep these things in mind, so as to actually do them.

With certainty, this message is much more to myself, than to anyone else — but hopefully some will benefit.

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