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We all have them… or should. Often, we do not live up to our own. That’s okay, it means we have much more room to grow/improve. Often however, others do not live up to our own. Sometimes, that really is okay (in very limited circumstances), and sometimes, maybe even most times, it really, really isn’t…

Sermon: Pastor Jesse Gistand: “Help Us Holy Spirit”

“The Apostolic Work of the Spirit of God” “Help Us Holy Spirit” Pastor Jesse Gistand / Sunday Sermon Facebook Link: * Sermon Outline Download Link: https://www.grace-bible.com/sermons/sermon/2019-10-20/the-apostolic-work-of-the-holy-spirit-help-us-holy-spirit-sunday-sermon-outline * Sermon (Alternative Video) Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/gbc/events/8864329/videos/198016581 * GBC-Hayward Contact Information: Email: gbc@grace-bible.com Website: http://www.grace-bible.com