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Freewill Religion is Antithetical to the Love and Worship Of God

Freewill Religion is Antithetical to the Love and Worship Of God By Curt Wildy Introduction Christians speak much of the elect and election… and rightly so; these words represent an important precept contained within the Gospel message. Yet, these words are also fairly far removed from the average person’s daily vocabulary. Most people would not say please elect…

New Page: "The Gospel Difference"

New Page: “The Gospel Difference” By Curt Wildy I’ve added a page that both defines the Gospel and covers the main arguments and counter-arguments associated with freewill counterfeits. I hope it is useful… the PDF option may be easier for some to read. May God strengthen and uphold all that are is. Sincerely, Curt

Do You Worship A Counterfeit Christ?

Do You Worship a Counterfeit Christ? The following chart compares the True Christ, the Christ of the Bible, to the many counterfeits that are promoted in the vast majority of churches in our day. The number of congregations faithfully worshiping the biblical Christ is exceedingly small, representing but a remnant, a chosen few that God…