Personality Types: Enneagram: The >Negatives< of the Type Four and Type Five Personalities (Two Videos)

Man… as a 4w5 / 5w4 dual-personality type, these two videos were really hard to hear at times. He does exaggerate at times, and I definitely disagree with him at times (especially on certain social/religious/political points), but honesty dictates that he is incredibly spot on in his overall assessment of the core types (though I wish he went into the wings more; he hardly touches on the wing aspect, which bridges the seemingly large gap between the fours and fives, and the gaps between all neighboring types).

General Note: These two are the best I’ve seen on the negatives of the fours, and fives, respectively. The accuracy is so high, and the negatives can be so… negative, that I wasn’t going to make this post public… But life is real and we need to keep it real. When you see your shortcomings spelled out so accurately, it helps you to understand more precisely those avenues of life wherein drastic changes are necessary. Please keep in mind that this is not an endorsement of the speaker, his social/political/religious beliefs, or of every comment he makes in the videos. I am posting for education purposes given the accuracy of his assessment of the pitfalls of these two types. He has other videos out there, however, on the negatives of the other seven types (in the Enneagram) if you are interested.

Background Note: In my youth, and for quite some time, I tested heavily as both a 1w9 and a 9w1 (the Reformer/Peacemaker and Peacemaker/Reformer types); however, nervous/emotional burn-out, poor health / health choices, and major negative life events radically changed my persona, slowly throwing out that old mindset… hence my heavy 4w5 / 5w4 (dual introversion) identification/association (which has formed/solidified over the past twenty years or so). Whoever says that a person’s personality type cannot significantly change (at least in a manifest sense)… really has no idea of what they are speaking. Hopefully, if the Lord wills, I can move more and more away from the negative traits of four & five, keeping the positive ones, whilst simultaneously reengaging the beneficial aspects of the one and nine traits… Time will tell.

The Four Type

The Five Type

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