Reclaiming Words (Objects): Men And Women Are Objects

Reclaiming Words (Objects): Men And Women Are Objects

We are “material things that can be seen and touched.” We are material things that can be appreciated for our respective skills, minds, beauty, ability, care, manifested virtues, contribution to society, aid to others, etc. We are “things external to the thinking mind or subject” of others, even direct objects, and indirect objects, . Each of us is “a person or thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed.” We are all objects… so it is not possible to “objectify” others in the literal (non-PC) sense of the term — and I’m not exactly PC.
However, we are living objects, human objects; we are objects created by God and in His image (though fallen) — as such, we are to love and treat each other as we would love and treat ourselves, and as we would want to be loved and treated by others (as naturally difficult as that can be; especially since we really do not (agape) love ourselves). So we are objects that should be treated with kindness, compassion, and justice. We are objects that should not be handled aggressively (i.e. without legally just cause). We are objects that should not be gawked at, or touched romantically/sexually/affectionately without proper consent, and outside of proper confines. We are objects that, if any sin against, they are sinning against God. Finally, if we are in Christ, we are objects of God’s everlasting, divine love.
So in all of these ways, and many more… we are indeed objects. However, let us be respectful, helpful, and edifying objects and not objects of wrath, hatred, and destruction (either in God’s eye’s or man’s).

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