The Testimony of Christ: Not “Their” Testimony


Mark 1:34 “And He healed many [great numbers] who had illness of various diseases. And he cast out many [great numbers of] demons, and He did not allow the demons to speak, because they knew Him.”

There were legions, vast numbers even, of demons in that one region of the world. Every one of them could have been called upon to declare before all their knowledge and understanding of who the Man, Christ Jesus, really was. The Lord did not want their testimony.
John the Baptist testified of the Lord, the Father and Holy Spirit did, the wonders the Lord performed likewise testified of Him. He simply did not want, nor need, demons doing so — not even the great numbers all about the land that would surely have been able to affirm that He was (and is) the Almighty God, the Holy One of the Father, the Holy One of Israel.
And yet, it wasn’t just that the Lord didn’t want the devils testifying of Him… He did not want the masses to convincingly know who He was and what He came to do. He wasn’t trying to convince (let alone save) everyone. He wasn’t using all of the means available to Him (as a perfect man or as God almighty) to sell himself to the multitude. He wanted those to whom such knowledge was to be (spiritually) given to know — and no one else. And yet, much of the truth was hidden even from the disciples until after the cross.
So we see that the Lord Jesus wasn’t looking for affirmation, He wasn’t looking for large numbers, He wasn’t (and isn’t) looking to have reprobate man and devils acknowledge Him in this fallen world; He is looking to seek and to save HIS OWN. He wants His people, His elect to know and love Him — and He wants them to do so according to His own means, and His own timing.
However, there will come a day, there will come a Judgment Day, when all of mankind and all of the demonic realm, will ‘bow the knee’ and confess that Jesus is Lord. God give us grace to bow, to submit now, with a new (willing) heart, even a heart of flesh, rather than being made to bow on that day, when the multitudes will have no choice but to fall before Him in defeat (when their judgment and doom is pronounced before all of creation).

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