Baphometic Age: The Occult In Movies & Comics: MARVEL NOT at Satanic “Super-Powers” – YouTube

Magic, witchcraft and sorcery are not pretend. They are Satan’s counterfeit power for lying signs and wonders. Christians should beware and repent of using the occult as entertainment.

My Note: One of my biggest regrets is being interested in, and getting my family interested in, the Sci-Fi, Comic, Fantasy, and related forms of movie and television entertainment that is nothing short of inculcation… even indoctrination… into a myriad of things occult, supernatural, Anti-Christian, and demonic.

We must put this garbage down permanently; there is nothing but spiritual misery and death in the witchcraft and other occult-oriented themes (charms, spells, amulets, invocations, ghosts, alien/spiritual visitations, monsters, super-powers, telekinesis, telepathy, etc.); the evolutionary lies (think X-Men, Inhumans, Eternals, Titans, meta-humans, etc.); the rampant innuendo, nudity, promiscuity, adultery, and/or sexual perversion; the sociopaths and psychopaths with their accompanying murder and mayhem; the false heroes and over-glorified villains, and all other such things found in our modern comic book, video game, regular novel, graphic novel, manga, anime, other cartoon, television, and movie industries. Children’s books, young adult books (especially), and books for adults are now filled with story-lines involving witches, sorcerers, druids, luciferians, satanists, psychics, demons, dragons, ghosts, the undead (zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc.), cryptids, anti-heroes, dark heroes, anti-villains, and so on. May God give much strength to turn the masses from such evil; either way, His will be done.

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