Health: Thyroid: Intermittent Fasting & Your Thyroid: Dr. Berg: Two YouTube Videos

Video One:


Video Two:

Dr. Berg talks about Intermittent Fasting and your thyroid. Many people are concerned about intermittent fasting because they think they will lower their calories and damage or slow the already slow thyroid. As long as you keep the calories the same or keep your nutrients the same and eat less frequent meals – you will not slow the thyroid. In fact, intermittent fasting can help convert T4 to T3 improving the thyroid. I do recommend doing a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting.

    • Selenium (Nutritional or Brewers Yeast)
    • Iodine is best for the thyroid (from Sea Kelp; take in the morning only; make sure your sea kelp is organic is clean. You may want to avoid doing too many cruciferous vegetables as they could slow the thyroid even more (though upping Sea Kelp can help).
    • Vitamin A and D are also vital for the thyroid and “Virgin Cod Liver Oil” is the best for that.



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