Politics: Crime: The Great Reveal: “‘Deepfakes’ called new election threat, with no easy fix”

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Deepfake” videos pose a clear and growing threat to America’s national security, lawmakers and experts say. The question is what to do about it, and that’s not easily answered.A House Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday served up a public warning about the deceptive powers of artificial intelligence software and offered a sobering assessment of how fast the technology is outpacing efforts to stop it.With a crudely altered video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., fresh on everyone’s minds, lawmakers heard from experts how difficult it will be to combat these fakes and prevent them from being used to interfere in the 2020 election.

Click: ‘Deepfakes’ called new election threat, with no easy fix for the rest of the article.

Note: Do not be fooled people, I have been saying for years now that the deepfake argument is what real, vile criminals in the upper levels of government, media, etc. are going to use when the video evidence that many believe exists against them, is finally shared with grand juries and, perhaps even, the general public. This is priming, it’s predictive programming. Basically, when the metaphorical hammer drops (and I still believe it will on many of these “leaders”) they want it already in your mind that the actions that have been caught are merely “deepfakes” and not their actual wrong-doings. This is why for the last three years especially, article after article has come out on the subject (it is to prep the minds of the populace for this “defence” — but I trust, Lord willing, that it will not work).

But wait, is there a possibility that some people will use this tech for scandalous, malevolent purposes? Absolutely, but at the level of highly-placed officials, the scientific layer of review will be immense and intense, and I trust that those videos concerning them that are indeed true, will be proven to be such (again — Lord willing).

BTW, isn’t it interesting that they chose Adam Schiff to lead the charge? The President and the patriots working for this nation have said much about “Little Adam” — we should pay attention.

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