Health: Diet: BOMB: Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries: Dr. Joel Fuhrman M.D. | Ywo YouTube Videos

Video One:

Video Two:

Note: Overall, I find these two lectures to be very insightful in many aspects (especially the sections on B.O.M.B. nutrition) but not fully accurate in others. For instance, not all forms of “keto” are the same. Some who are on “keto diets” are eating way too much protein, not enough healthy salads/vegetables, and are really on more of an Atkins/Paleo type diet (Keto is high good fat; high good salad/veggies, moderate good protein; and low good carbs). Others are seemingly doing it right, eating mostly fat with only moderate protein but the fat is mostly garbage fat, and the protein is mostly garbage protein, with very little salad/greens/healthy supplementation thrown in. So when they speak of studies involving high fat and low carbs, they often are throwing in high protein as well, and aren’t discriminating amongst the types of fat/protein/carbs ingested.

So again, we need to know precisely what they are eating, whether they are eating healthy or unhealthy fats/carbs/proteins, how much protein they are eating (since the body breaks down protein into sugars via Gluconeogenesis which can spike insulin), etc.

You must also remember that veganism, vegetarianism, and raw-food diets, have their own serious downsides if done incorrectly. This is why, as always, you should do your own research, testing out (vetting) what works best for you.

Regarding beans, they aren’t keto friendly but appear to have strong health benefits in moderation (no more than twice a week on Keto, and then, only when there are no other carbs except green leafy vegetables / avocados that day).

Finally, I am providing both videos because I find that hearing the content twice (or more) aids in retention and implementation.

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