P.A.S.S.: Situational Awareness: How to Increase Your Situational Awareness – 14 Steps: WikiHow

“Situational awareness is an important part of training for members of the military and law enforcement, but can be just as important for anyone who wants to ensure they are one step ahead of dangerous situations before they unfold. Situational awareness is the ability to identify and process prospective dangers in your environment; put simply, it is your ability to comprehend what is going on around you in a defensive mind set. Increasing your situational awareness can give you an opportunity to escape or mitigate the danger presented by people or scenarios that could cause harm to you or those around you. Having increased situational awareness does not mean looking for trouble; in fact it means quite the opposite. The most effective way to win a fight is to avoid it all together.”

Click How to Increase Your Situational Awareness: 14 Steps for the rest of the article.

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