Health: Antiperspirant/Deodorant: “Milk of Magnesia Is A Perfect Deodorant…”

“By the Grace of God though, a couple weeks ago I came across a post on Facebook that claimed Milk of Magnesia could successfully serve as a deodorant and keep your pits dry and stink-free.”

Click: Milk of Magnesia Is A Perfect Deodorant And I’m Mad I Just Found Out for the rest of the article.

Note: It’s best to do your own research/experimentation… as for me, I know it works better for my system than anything else out there that’s over the counter (and I’m a guy who sweats pretty hard). I learned about this use  years ago whilst listening to a radio talk show of some kind or another (was on vacation, can’t remember). The guys were talking about how tennis pros use it as an antiperspirant due to how well it works on the court (given how hot it gets down there in the summer). So though some say it is only a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, that’s not true, at least not for everyone. For me, and others, it’s both — and it’s better than most aluminum-based products (which is the norm) out there.

Given the purported harm that aluminum build-up can cause in the system (Dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain plaque, etc.), and given that MoM is safe to take internally, it just makes more sense to me to us it — specially since it works, it’s cheap, and it’s proven.

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