Mental Health: Depression: 18 Signs You May Have High Functioning Depression: YouTube

18 Signs You May Have High Functioning Depression

“Taking care of your mental health is important, and if you recognize these signs, you may have high functioning depression. Even though this condition is often associated with persistent depressive disorder, it doesn’t always look the way you think it should. While some people have a hard time getting out of bed, others can go about their normal daily routine.

High functioning depressives appear happy and accomplished. But on the inside, they struggle with constant worry, and feeling sad and inadequate. Since HFD is atypical, it can be surprising to find out that these are actually symptoms of depression.

Please note: the purpose of this video is to provide you with a better understanding of what you may be experiencing – if you recognize these symptoms. This list cannot diagnose you with high functioning depression – only a trained medical professional can do that.”

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