Health: Fifteen Signs You Are Emotionally And Mentally Exhausted – YouTube

Note: The video describes something that happens to both men and women, all to one degree or another, in increasing frequency in our modern society. Differing personality types, life experiences, societal pressures, health issues, etc. will result in different manifestations of what’s covered, or degrees of said manifestation. Truth is, I struggle with this. The number one thing to help remedy, in my opinion, is to “just say No” — as in “yeah…no, I’m not going to do your work;” “no I’m not going to carry you or bail you out;” no, “I’m not going to put up with […];” “no, I’m not putting your needs/expectations ahead of my own, my family’s, etc.” There may be consequences to “just saying no,” so be ready for them, take the requisite action to deal positively, but decisively, with them (but do deal with them). Many other things can help (prayer, bible reading, nature walks, calm music, consistent good night’s rest, journaling, and so much more); the trick is to employ them, consistently. Nonetheless, erecting strong boundaries and cutting out most of the nonsense in your life is one of the best places to start.

“Here are 15 warning signs you are emotionally and mentally exhausted. We live busy, hectic lives, and we often neglect both our emotional health and our mental health. But over time, chronic stress takes its toll on our body and overall well being.

There are a number of symptoms of emotional and mental exhaustion. While everyone’s limits are different, the signs of burnout are pretty much the same. These include fatigue, insomnia, anxiety disorder, lack of motivation, and other health problems such as headaches, dizziness and nausea. If you stay in this state for too long, you’ll have worsening symptoms that can turn into more serious health conditions, including depression.

It’s probably impossible to completely avoid stress and stressful situations. But, we owe it to ourselves to recognize when we are headed toward exhaustion, so we can form new healthy habits and make the necessary lifestyle changes – before it’s too late.”

Click the image above or here to watch.

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