Identity Politics: Typical Liberal Hypocrisy: +200 Studies Examining Assaults By Women On Their Spouses or Male Partners: California State University

Martin S. Fiebert
Department of Psychology
California State University, Long Beach
Last updated: June 2012

SUMMARY: This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.


Note: My motivation for these posts isn’t to bash women but to reveal the unmitigatedly asinine nature of that aspect of the liberal agenda, which pertains to so-called toxic (traditional) masculinity. As the studies listed in the linked work (and others) evidence, women are just as, if not more likely, to initiate physical violence in a domestic situation than their male counterparts. The difference is that men, being physically stronger on average, can do more damage when striking/striking back. Nonetheless, the evidence is abundantly clear that non-traditional femininity [or, said another way, non-traditional (female hyper-) masculinity] is more toxic than traditional masculinity ever has been or will be. Traditional masculinity protects, it builds up, and it is diametrically opposed to sociopathy, whether manifested through a male or female.

Note also, that I would encourage all men (and women for that matter) to do the necessary research for yourselves; I think your eyes will be opened rather quickly if you dive deeply enough. The radical left is heavily engaged in projection on these matters, with projection being defined as:

The imputing of undesirable feelings, emotions, inclinations, and behaviours onto someone else, rather than admitting to, dealing with, or ceasing from them.

Finally, men, I would encourage you to take to heart the following before entering into a relationship with a woman: (01) don’t date, let alone sleep with, crazy; (02) don’t date, let alone sleep with, broken people; (03) don’t sleep around at all (if she’s worth it, wait for her, and marry her); (04) never date a third or fourth wave feminist (or any social justice warrior type; they can often easily be visually identified by their style of dress, adornment, and demeanour); (05) never date anyone who tells you that “they are not good in relationships;” (06) never date anyone who has a track-record of unrepentant promiscuity and/or failed relationships; (7) never date anyone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse; (8) never date anyone suffering from deep depression, anxiety, etc. (be there for them as much as possible; help them; but they need to work on themselves before they can think about entering into a relationship); (9) never leave a woman worse off than you found her (men are often the cause of much of the damage to the female psyche); and (10) never, ever strike back physically (unless you are protecting yourself, or others, from serious harm or death); instead, end the relationship ASAP and cut off ties with them. Basically, just walk away from crazy if you are not in a marital relationship with them. If you are married, weigh your options, seek help from respectable sources, and do what you can to deal with the issue quickly, and decisively, in accordance with the laws of the land.  

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