Identity Politics: Toxic Masculinity Hoax: Gender Identity Disorder: “Domestic Violence in the Transgender Community”

“A 2015 survey of 28,000 transgender people in the United States and its territories by the National Center for Transgender Equality found high rates of intimate partner violence in the community. Overall, 42 percent of respondents reported intimate partner violence, and rates were higher for many transgender subgroups including…” Click: Domestic Violence in the Transgender Community for the rest of the article.

Note: Compare that +40% with “7.1 percent and 20.4 percent for men and women, respectively, with a history of only opposite-sex cohabitation;” clearly non-traditional “intimate partner relationships” involving the trans community are far more likely to be violent… another reason to dispel the myth of this supposed toxic traditional masculinity. These people are projecting… The least toxic people (from an intimate partner abuse point of view) are those identifying as active church service-attending, conservative, Protestant, Christians. The further away you move from the regular service-attending, protestant, Christian, conservative, worldview, the more likely abuse and divorce will be. The less traditional the masculinity, or femininity for that matter (as it relates to women), the more toxic the relationship is likely to be…


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