Politics: QAnon: Do You Think The QAnon Movement is a Hoax? Listen Carefully to General Flynn (Who Do You Think He Is Talking About?)

I. General Flynn on the “Army” of “Civilian Journalists” and “Digital Soldiers” (which is the QAnon Movement):

Firstly, The President is the one who signs himself as Q+… Secondly, General Michael Flynn, Admiral Michael Rogers, and others in military intelligence (and other key positions in the military, past or present), form the backbone of Q. Thirdly, the Q army consists of all of the millions of domestic and foreign anons/autists/supporters who encourage and support them.

II. General Flynn in front of the “Q Flag” (the flag used by Q):

Think of all of the images of the flag available or that could be taken on the spot; there are likely millions. What are the odds of Flynn and others in attendance using the specific one with which Q posted?

III. A video on the importance of Admiral Rogers and General Flynn to the QAnon Movement.

IV. One of multiple available videos on the President, himself, being Q+ (11:15m to 13:40m).

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