Travel: How not to be an obnoxious tourist while traveling abroad | Travel + Leisure

“A hashtag game called #TerribleTourismAdvice started by the Twitter account @MilesOfHashtags asked Twitter travelers to dole out their best, or rather, their worst, tourism tips…” Click How not to be an obnoxious tourist while traveling abroad | Travel + Leisure for the rest of the article.

My Notes: As a former New Yorker who walks/moves faster than the average New Yorker, I can relate. It’s why Time Square is one of my least favourite parts of town. The usually out-of-town tourists will often mosey, waddle, or amble along, stopping shorting to look around and/or take pictures; being completely oblivious to the flow of other pedestrians (and traffic) around them; not stepping aside but rather stopping right in the middle of the sidewalk; walking several people abreast whilst doing so. We should all be considerate, we should all be mindful of our surroundings, yes… even whilst on vacation. Someone may be trying to get to work on time; make a doctor’s appointment; pick up their child; catch a train; meet someone for a lunch/dinner date/reservation, etc. — it’s a real act of kindness to be somewhat aware/mindful/considerate of your surroundings. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your surroundings, immerse yourself in the place, but don’t become an obstacle/nuisance whilst doing so.  And remember, if you’re that distracted, someone may just pick your pocket.

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