Thoughts: Top Seven (7) Things I Wish I Knew, Did, And Took More Seriously Earlier…

I. Time with God is the most important time. Believe the true Gospel; pray throughout the day; read and meditate upon God’s word; listen to faithful sermons; listen to godly music; fellowship with true Christians; and otherwise use the means that God has given us.
II. Family time is the second most important time. After a certain rough bout in 2008, I distanced myself from friends and family. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made. This is the tenth anniversary and it’s time to make a change. Don’t make the same mistake I did; stay in contact with, love, and enjoy your family.
III. Christianity isn’t just about what you know, and it’s definitely not about how much you know, it’s about how you live out what you know to the honour/glory of God. Character and conduct matters; labours of love and works of righteousness matters; legalism and antinomianism are the flip side of the same heretical coin. You can understand all of the types and figures; point out every heretick; define and defend the true Gospel and other vital doctrines; and still fall far short of the Christian walk and warfare. Live the Gospel; walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. Talk is cheap, thank God that he has shown me the error of my ways after all of these many years. Live…. for… Him!
IV. Nature heals (by God’s will); go out and enjoy it. Walk; hike; swim; watch the birds, and deer, and other animals; smell the ozone/petrichor, feel the breeze, enjoy the “Komorebi” and the “Mångata;” note the colours of the golden hour, belt of venus, and the blue hour; note the constellations and “planets;” play with your pets; walk in the rain; visit the mountains; and otherwise enjoy God’s creation. Such is great for your psyche, your emotional well-being, and for your overall health.
V. Learn at least one other language! It will help you expand your horizons; communicate better with wonderful people from other lands; more deeply enjoy the cultures of others; secure work you may otherwise not be able to obtain; travel/relocate/expatriate with greater ease; and reap the cognitive benefits (greater acuity of thought and creativity) that accompanies being able to think in two (or more) different languages.
VI. Be each other’s keeper! This world is unsafe; be aware of the signs of abuse/danger/trafficking/etc.; be aware of your surroundings (take the headphones off and put the cell phone down); teach your children to keep their hands to themselves; get involved; alert the authorities; do these things not only for your own well-being, but for the well-being of others. This fallen world will never be perfect; however if everyone does the best they can to make it better for everyone, a positive and powerful change could very well come about.
VII. This world is not what you think it is! The more broadly you research the true nature of our reality, and the more deeply you delve (or dive) into each topic, the crazier and more absurd you will sound to the masses… but it is worth the hardship. None are more foolish and ignorant than those who mock/ridicule/scoff at that which they hardly (if at all) bothered to research. Don’t be put off by fear or the need for social acceptance. Research the world around you… go deep. If you do you will see that the “reality” that has been drilled into us from cradle to grave is a false narrative, it is a lie. We have been conditioned, programmed, indoctrinated, even propagandized into believing in a false system.
For instance:
  1. God is real, Christ is real, the Gospel of salvation based solely upon the free and sovereign grace of God, grounded strictly upon the death burial, and resurrection of Christ, is real.
  2. The world really is flat, stationary, and enclosed (and literally millions are wakening up to this; the heliocentric model is done);
  3. Astronomical, chemical, biological, and human evolution (sometimes called macro-evolution) is an absolutely lie (one built upon the crumbling heliocentric model);
  4. The true nature of humanity, human history, and human genetics would blow you away (we are actively devolving, not evolving, the concept of giants was a very real one; there were highly advanced human cities pre-flood; the technology of days of old, in some ways, rivaled or surpassed what we currently have; etc.);
  5. Social, news, entertainment, and related media has been used to distract you, misdirect you, and to conform you to the vision that this carnal world system wants you to embrace and internalise;
  6. There is a baphometic/transhumanist agenda to re-initiate an occult system into the world and to attempt to bring man back to its former “higher glory” via genetic editing, nano-technology, A.I., cybernetic integration, smart drugs, other forms of bio-tech, and the like;
  7. Our weather, oceans, and overall environment/geology is actively, purposefully, and criminally being transformed via the introduction of harmful agents into the air, natural water supplies, and via other nefarious means (think terraforming, geoengineering, etc,);
  8. The food pyramid is upside down (we should be eating lots of healthy fats, a moderate amount of healthy proteins, and a small amount of healthy, well-timed carbs; also, intermittent fasting is phenomenal; these two things alone can cure/mitigate many health issues);
  9. Television shows, music videos, secular music in general, and movies are often (though not always) carefully designed, carefully crafted/orchestrated occult mediums designed to condition us into accepting a world view that is anti-Christian, hedonistic, occultic, and overly materialistic/consumeristic (the thelemic “do what thou wilt is the whole of the law” satanic paradigm is the message being promoted, fostered upon, and embraced by the masses — it is at the heart of the Anti-Christian world system).
  10. Modern medicine is far more designed to sustain a billion dollar pharmaceutical industry than it is to keep people in optimal (or even just fairly decent) health;
  11. The modern public educational system is designed to dumb us down and make us more suitable (read pliable) for the needs, wants, and plans of the often diabolical military, industrial, and corporate complex — it is not designed to make us deep, critical, and creative thinkers and doers but to make us distracted, ignorant, sheeple able to obey commands without questioning them when it is just to do so;
  12. The occult systems of the world, for many millennia, have maintained that the golden/ideal state of mankind is the reunification of male and female into one body; the transgender agenda is an occult agenda, designed to move humanity backwards towards that path (look up the original, unaltered image of the baphomet / goat of mendes; or the androgyne of khunrath, or Rebis (a.k.a. the Hermaphrodite of Alchemy or the androgyne of Hermetic); or ardhanarishvara; or the various versions of the Il Diavolo (tarocchi); etc.; it is not by coincidence that the baphomet statues going up in various major cities in the U.S. have the breasts removed (to hide the true, transgender nature of it all) and it is also not a coincidence that this topic of transgenderism has received the high degree of social, academic, political, and entertainment media focus and support that it has — the battle is for your mind, and they want/expect/demand conformity or else you will pay the price at some point);
  13. Many of the ruling political/academic/industrial/corporate elite really are into many other very dark aspects of the occult (I will not elaborate — this is one area that I pretty much regret researching, very dark, very disconcerting, very depressing);
  14. It’s time to leave the plantation people (the Republican party may not do much either but when people of colour give their blind, unwavering, unquestioning, total allegiance to the Democratic Party, they are engaging in a form of self-imposed serfdom at best and slavery at worst. The Democrats say and do just enough to get the black vote, and other minority votes, but not enough to significantly improve the quality of the lives of millions who vote for them. The same economically-depressed, dilapidated, drug-ridden, violent cities ruled by liberal Democrats have been ruled by them for decades with little if any significant change. No matter what you may feel about President Trump, he was right when he asked “what have you got to lose?” — Ditch the Democratic Party… these “good” massas and missums do not have your best interests at heart – unite only behind those who will do you and yours real, moral, honourable, and lasting good); and finally,
  15. There may very well be more land masses, more forms of life, and greater forms of intelligence than we currently (on a mass level at least) realise — This topic will develop on its own fairly soon I’m sure… so I won’t elaborate, except to say that, regarding the hidden land mass aspect, see, for instance, ).

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